About animals

Grammar: Comparatives & superlative

What do you know about animals?

Do you know who “Frank de la Jungla” and “Wild Frank” is? He is a Spanish man, who loves animals and he travels for all the world looking for all types of animals, and he shows to the people.

"I want to be like Frank"

His neighbour Toby is 10 years old, and he want to be like Frank, so he is studying the animals and writing about they. By the moment he has written that.

I think that dogs are friendlier than cats because dogs always want to play, but I really prefer horses, because they are larger than dogs and they are more beautiful than other animal. Of course, I like jungle animals like the lion but I like most the tiger because he is faster than lion. I like elephants and giraffes too, but elephants are more intelligent than giraffes. I love smaller animals like the ant or bee, but bee is more dangerous than other insects. There are some insects bigger than other, for example the grasshopper is bigger than the ladybird. I love all types of animals, and I think that all animals are better than humans!

What is he doing?

He is talking about animals that he likes and he is comparing different characteristic of them.

Yo can do the same, and compare differents things using some techniques.

Here you have a very short explanation, but in moodle you will find all.

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Now is time to work!

You can find some exercises to practise that in Moodle.

Remember that you have a glossary with the vocabulary that you need, and a complete explanation about what I explain in class.