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James Burd Elementary School Newsletter

August 1, 2022

The James Burd Family will work together to create a welcoming, inspiring, and engaging environment, where all learners take pride in reaching their full potential.

Message from Mr. Flohr

Greetings, James Burd Families,

Safety continues to be a top priority for us at James Burd and the Shippensburg Area School District. Last year, we altered our procedures for drop off and pickup. We will again be altering these procedures to ensure the safety of everyone at these important times of the day.

Below you will find information on how our procedures will be changing utilizing the circle at the main entrance. We will continue to utilize a traffic flow of Craig Street to Brad Street to approach James Burd Elementary. When at the stop sign in front of the school, we will utilize one lane of traffic to enter the circle. Once the students have been safely unloaded or loaded, all vehicles will be dismissed and the next group of cars will enter.

We will continue to utilize the tag system as the previous year. If you need a tag, please contact the office for more information.

Yours in learning,

Mr. Flohr

Updated Drop Off & Pickup Procedures

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