What to expect through a pregnancy

by shelby and angelica Hr.5

First trimester (baby)

During the frist trimester, the baby begans to form finger prints and the organs are visable through its thin skin. The baby is almost three inches long and wieghs nearly an ounce. Now your babys eyes and brain are making dramatic strides each day.The baby is starting to look more human like. The babys eyes began to move form the side of its head to its face. Also the eyes began to develop color to them. The mother should comsume 300 or more calories a day while pregnant.

first trimester (you)

The mother might began to feel more clumsier than usual. It is the important to get 27 milligrams of iron everyday. Personal hygein is important because the gums may become swollen, softer and more sinsitive. You might began to feel more energetic and your nausea may be starting to wane. Mood swings are common now, its perfectly normal. exercise can help you cary the wieght you gain during the pregnancy.

second trimester (baby)

The baby weighs about ten and a half ounces now.Tthe babys lips, eyelids and eyebrows are becoming more distinct. He also more deveploped the is getting tinny tooth buds beneth his gums. now is the baby is awake and asleep at very spectific times. Now he/she may now be able to hear you and your partners voices. The baby has been hiccuping for several week and now you are able to feel them. Als,o the babys brain is very active now.

second trimester (you)

The mother may start to feel more assertive at home and or at work. At this point you might find your belly becoming a hand magniet. At lest half of pregnant women develope stretch marks. Dont lie flat on your back and aviod contact sports as well. After your uterus has exapanded, your breast swell and an incress of blood and fluid volume, you may have gained an extra fifteen pounds and you may began to love your new weight. Make sure you contiue to eat well and get plenty of rest.

third trimester (baby)

It is hard to say for sure how big your baby will be but usually new borns wiegh about seven in a half pounds. Babys come to turn between thirtyeight and fortytwo weeks. Most likely your babys head is in a down posotion. Dont be suprised if your babys hair isnt the same color as yours, it wil change over time. Less then five persent of wemon give birth on their acual due dates. Your baby can come within a few hours or another few weeks.

third trimester (you)

Your ballooing uterus is crowning your other internal organs, too which is why you have to pee so ofen. You may be dealing with heart burn. This is also a good time to creat a birth plan. contractons may be coming more frecquently now. they may last longer and be more unconfortable.

advice for father

Be patient with your parner. If she is stressed, try to comfort her. She might not want you to be around. Take her to baby classes. Try to do them with her.Read baby books. Try to be as prepared as possible. When she goes into labor let her know you are there for her but do not bother her.