Cover to Cover: Harry Potter

By: Kyle Reck



In the movie Dobby appears and disappears quietly but in the movie it is with aloud whip clap.

effects meaning: No effect really its just not needed because you can see when he appears.

Uncle Vernon

In the book, Uncle Vernon pays a man to fit bars on Harry's window, but in the film, Uncle Vernon fits the bars himself.

This just makes the movie seem like Vernon hates Harry even more to make the relationship even worse than it is in the book.

The potion effects

In the book the potion effects change everything even their voices, while in the movie the potion just changes their appearances.

Meaning: this effects the meaning by it being not as confusing for the viewer because if everything changed you would't know who was who.

Random Differences:

The part where Arthur Weasley fights with Lucious Malfoy in Flourish and Blotts is omitted. Instead, they only exchange tense words. Lucius also mentions that he will "see Arthur at work", implying that he works at the Ministry of Magic in the film.

This makes the film a little less violent than the book and make them seem like they like each other a liitle more.