LV 6TH Grade Technology

By:Sam Weyers

Why 6th grade Technology

Today I will be sharing the units of 6th grade Technology

The first unit that you start but goes throughout the year is Typing web

Learn how to type or typing web is a website that strengthens your typing skills. Instead of a timed unit typing web goes all through the year. The more you type the better score you would get.
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Career Locker

The Career Locker unit is based on finding a feature career that you will enjoy. This unit will be accompanied by Mrs VandenBoogaard and she will be helping you make a decision. this will then forth help you decide your Career.
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Haiku Deck

The next unit that you do is about your dream job. Based on your career locker results you will find your dream job. Finaly
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I Trailer

Then everyone in the class makes a IMovie based on themselves. The life at home or even on someone else. Lastly you present to the class and show what you have made.
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Explain Everything

IN this unit the goal is to explain to your audience how to solve a math problem. Then you learn how to explain what you are drawing through your voice. At the end you end up with a great project.
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Coding is a unit on witch helps you spark if you want to enter a career in this area. Most schools don't teach typing so this is a quick unit to get you used to it. Lastly based on how many sections you get done the better grade you will have.
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