Cardboard Dreams

Steffaine Leis

Causes of Homelessness

These are some reasons people find them selves without a home:

  • Loss of Job
  • No financial support
  • Kicked out of their house
  • Foreclosure
  • Natural Disaster
  • Disabilities
  • Family problems
  • Drugs
  • Alcohol
  • Gambiling

Examples of Personal Stories

Lisa and Lexus

Lisa and her daughter Lexus are homeless. Lisa was pregnant and unable to work. They were running out of funds. They were lucky enough to find a motel that charged a weekly-rate.


Brian came home from the army after being discharged for health reasons. He stayed with his mother and she asked him to give her money for drugs. He told her no, so she called the police and said she didn't want him living with her anymore. He was homeless that night.


Zac is 20 years old. He has been sleeping in parking garages. He has been homeless since he was 12.

What the Government Can Do

The government can:
  • Help keep shelters open
  • Create more jobs
  • Help people get jobs
  • Create more grants
  • Help with health care

What the Government is Doing

The government is already helping some by giving shelters grants and support money. They are launching a new initiative to ending homelessness. This involves the government helping agencies with them employment and health care.

What the Homeless Can Do

Here are some things the homeless or about to be homeless can do:

  • Watch your money
  • Go to shelters
  • Quit bad habits
  • Get help from reliable family
  • Save money for the future
  • Have a Plan B when you are about to lose your house

What They are Doing

Many people today that find themselves homeless or about to be homeless try to change their habits and their lifestyles. They search for any type of job. They don't complain about the type that they get. They are thankful for any job that puts food on the table.

What You Can Do

Some things You can do to help people who are homeless are:
  • Donate to a homeless shelter
  • Give a homeless person or people a ride to the closest shelter
  • Donate money to them
  • Buy them a meal
  • Go to the local Goodwill and get them a jacket or hat or gloves

What We are Doing

Many people are taking action and helping people who are homeless. People are donating money and time to shelters and kitchens. People take in families or others that are homeless. It doesn't take much to help someone who doesn't have what you might. Just put yourself in their position and imagine what your life would be like. People don't always choose to be homeless or make those decisions that lead to being homeless. Those who do learn a lesson they will never forget.

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