Martin Luther King Jr.

Jan 15 1929-Apr 04 1968 (age of 39)

What Martin was Known for.

Martin Luther King was one of the most famous African American voice during the Civil Rights Movement. He was famous for using nonviolence resistance to over come injustice. Martin never got tired of trying to put an end to segregation laws. He always cared more about others then himself.
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Ever third Monday of January

Martin was granted with the Nobel Peace Prize for Giving people the perspective that all men are created equal and that laws shouldn't suppurate them and treat them different from others. On every third Monday of January is Martin Luther Kings day honoring him for changing our way of living completely.
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Will Aways be Known

Martin Luther King Jr. might not be in our present today but he is not gone in our hearts. His name and words will live on for many more years than any of use will live through. That is how powerful his voice is.