The Man on the $20 Bill

Andrew Jackson

Worcester v. Georgia

Worcester and Georgia went to the Supreme Court to see if Georgia was allowed to govern the natives. John Marshal was the Chief Justice for the case.The Supreme Court came to the conclusion that the Cherokees were a "sovereign" nation and Georgia could not interfere with them. Andrew Jackson decided not to execute this ruling and ignore it. He continued to allow Georgia to continue with their mistreatment. Jackson was not a fan of the natives and considered them "savages". He wanted them out of the country, or even dead and didn't care how that goal was achieved.

Spoils System

The Spoils System is when a president or someone of high power picks someone who might not be qualified to work under them strictly because they are a friend or supporter of the candidate. President Jackson did this quite often while he was in office. He rewarded his supporters for getting him elected. It served as an incentive to keep people on his side.
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Trail of Tears

The Cherokee Indians lived in the Southeastern portion of the United States. The land they lived on soon became desirable after people realized how good it was for farming and that is was home to possible gold. Once this was made known, Jackson rounded up troups to move the Cherokees west to Oklahoma. This journey was long and hard. The natives faced harsh cold and grim drought. As many as 4000 natives died before reaching their "New Home" in Oklahoma