Akela's Tales

Pack 335 - October 14, 2016

Carnival Games

Reminder: This meeting is at Madison Elementary School at 1620 Mayo Avenue. Please enter door #2.

  • Opening Flag ceremony
  • Talk time
  • Advancements
  • Closing Flag Ceremony
  • Games!

Applications, Dues and Health Forms

If you haven't had the chance to turn in your son's application, Pack dues or health forms, we'll be glad to take them at the meeting. Please come see Jim Fiorato to turn in these important items!

Health form download: http://www.scouting.org/filestore/HealthSafety/pdf/680-001_AB.pdf

Popcorn Fundraising

Just over 2 weeks left to sell popcorn!!!

If you don't have any popcorn sales sheets, we'll have some at the Carnival Games pack meeting.

Each Scout's goal should be to sell $250 in popcorn. Our Pack's goal is $17,000.


  • October 30th - Last day to sell popcorn.
  • October 31st - All sales sheets with prize orders indicated, money collected and any remaining popcorn is due to your Den Leader.
  • November 1st - Den Leaders must turn in their Dens popcorn materials to the Kernel.
  • Mid-November - All product for outstanding popcorn orders will be delivered.
  • December - January - Prizes for popcorn delivered to Pack.

All adults should work with their Den Leaders to coordinate popcorn product delivery/pickup and money exchange.

Online Sales

All sales made through www.trails-end.com earn the Pack 50% of the total sale (in-person orders only earn 30%).

Prizes this year are:
  • Tickets to Star Wars - Rogue One
  • Tickets to Chicago Wolves or Monster Jam
  • Throw a pie at a Scout Leader
  • Amazon Gift Card
  • Kylo Ren Lightsaber

Square credit card readers are now available. Please see our Popcorn Kernel Mike Oswald for all information about Square and popcorn sales.

Upcoming Pack Events

Sun, Oct 23rd 1PM Hiking Club - McKee Marsh

This hike will be at the North side of Blackwell Forest Preserve. We'll meet at 1PM in the McKee Marsh parking lot here: https://goo.gl/maps/2JxAY7HNqqj

Sun, Oct 30th 6PM - 7:45PM Horse-drawn Hayride - Danada Equestrian Center

We'll do S'mores and hot chocolate around the campfire while groups take turns on a horse-drawn hayride around the Forest Preserve.

Sat, Nov 5th 9AM Pack Service Project - Various Locations/Memorial Park

Raking Leaves for Gary Church Members - Date may change if there are no leaves. After raking leaves we'll meet back at Memorial Park for donuts, hot cocoa and a short pack meeting.

Sun, Nov 20th 4PM Hiking Club - Location TBD

Calling All Wolf & Tiger Scout Parents

All of the following roles are currently covered by parents of older ranks. The future of your Scout's pack depends on the parents of the younger ranks growing into the leadership positions. Please carefully consider shadowing current leaders to take on one of the following positions. Feel free to contact Jim Fiorato with any questions about these roles.

We need your help with the following positions:

  • Advancements Coordinator
  • Akela's Tales
  • Spring Outing Coordinator

Thank you so much for your help!


DEN 2 - Webelos II

Ben Adkins - Cast Iron Chef Adventure; Nolan Arshad - Camper Adventure, Scouting Adventure; Harvey Fiorato - Camper Adventure; Matthew Hurtado - Scouting Adventure; Gavin Sonntag - Camper Adventure

DEN 3 - Webelos II

Andrew Kammerzell - Camper Adventure; Will Mann - Camper Adventure, Project Family Adventure; Russ Styrkowicz - Sportsman Adventure

DEN 8 - Webelos II

Ben Hanson - Camper Adventure

DEN 7 - Webelos I

Jack Mathis - Cast Iron Chef Adventure; David Shimp - Cast Iron Chef Adventure

DEN 9 - Webelos I

Corey Ostensen - Cast Iron Chef Adventure; Patrick Zapf - Cast Iron Chef Adventure

DEN 6 - Bear

Shane Dillon - Baloo the Builder Adventure; Charlie Mann - Critter Care Adventure

DEN 9 - Wolf

Gory Heavey - Cyber Chip; Nico Ayala - Paws of Skill Adventure, Running with the Pack Adventure

DEN 10 - Wolf

Zach Benshoof - Call of the Wild Adventure; Elliott Fiorato - Call of the Wild Adventure; Aidan Lucas - Call of the Wild Adventure; Brody McCormac - Call of the Wild Adventure; Luke Oswald - Call of the Wild Adventure; Finnian Rogers - Call of the Wild Adventure; Ian Ruhter - Call of the Wild Adventure; Ben Shimp - Call of the Wild Adventure