Who is Carlos Hathcock?

Carlos Hathcock is a U.S Marine Corp legoned. He was a sniper. He had 93 confirmed kills. One of his most Famous kills is the shot through the scope. It penetrated the enemy right in the eye killing the enemy sniper. Also he was a gunnery staff sergent. Back to his young age. He was born in Little Rock, Arkansas, May 20th, 1942. He lived with his grandparents after they seperated. He hunted when he was there to. Latter in his life he went to the marines. After 20 years in the marines some one put him in the cross hairs and pulled the trigger shooting him. But he did not die. Until he was diegnosed with a dieases. He died 24 years latter. He also won a silver star because he saved seven marines out of a viehicle. While he was getting burned.
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