Room 3 News

November 4-8, 2013

What we will be learning!

* Language Arts Unit 2 - Week 4: We live in different kinds of homes with our families.

- Vocabulary: company, collapse, construct, material, entire

- Words to Know (read, spell, write): again, could, make, one, then, three

- -Spelling Words: run, fun, nut, cut, bug, rug, lunch, skunk, grass, spin,

- Grammar: Proper Nouns

- Skill: Plot- beginning, middle, end

* Math-Relate Addition and Subtraction Strategies

* Writing- Stories with correct punctuation and capitalization

* Social Studies - Maps

Important Notes:

Thank you for attending Parent/Teacher conferences. We are a team and together we will have a successful and rewarding school year.

Our International Feast is on Thursday, November 21 st at 12:15. I encourage each family to come and bring a dish from your country of origin or a family favorite. I will set up the wiki page this week so that you can let us know what you will be bringing! It is always a fun day! We will read poems, sing to you and enjoy yummy food!

-Thanks to Colleen Curtin (Riley's mom) and Mina Kessler (Adelaide's mom) who organized the Halloween party. Thank you to all the moms that showed up- Mrs. Barreda, Mrs. Allen, Mrs. Sturr and both of Jack Sturr's grandmothers, Mrs. Baltazar..... I hope I did not forget any names! Thank you to Mrs. Filipovic for the delicious and cute pumpkin muffins.

Red Ribbon Week was a success! We had the Mad Scientist, an obstacle course, the Marine Corps and running club with an apple for each child who participated.

Thank you to Mrs. Topolovac (Hailey's grandmother) for a fun and exciting Math lesson using candy to estimate, add and subtract math problems.

Thank you Luke Renda for sponsoring the first Book Club with Fly Guy! We all loved the story!

Upcoming Events:

- Veteran's Day Holiday - No School on Monday, November 11th

-Book Fair starts in the Media Center – November 14th

-Thanksgiving Vacation - November 25 - Dec. 1st


Sharon O'Brien

Halloween Fun!