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About Hope

Hi my name is Hope. live in Bridge Water. Also i am from kansas. I go to Covington Elementry, i am in fifth grade. My teacher is Mrs. Moppert, and she is awesome!! I am 11 years old. and i love to hangout with my friends it is so much fun!! Also i enjoy doing gymnastics it gets me really strong and i love that!! I know how to do alot of backflips, because my friend tought me.

My house hold

live in Bridge Water. In my house we have a basement. In my basement we have a exercise part at one end of my basement. Then we have a playroom and in the playroom we have like bored games, and play kitchen stuff. In another room we have a storage room.In that storage room we have all of the things that we don't need right now and maybe need it for another season or something. Now we are going to be going to the main floor. In the main floor (like any other house) we just have a kitchen and we also have a living room.

My Family

In my family i have six cousins, they are really awesome! And i love hanging out with them. At my house i have 2 half brothers named Chase and Blake. I also have 1 sister and her name is Jewel. Then i have a mom and a dad, their names are Jana and Craig "Eli''

More Facts About me

I love to play outside, and i love to do crafts IT IS SO MUCH FUN!!!

By: Hope Stephenson