Connect Group Camp Out

Saturday, August 23

Join us for a day full of fun and a night full of praise and worship!

Plan is to spend the day at Black Rock State Park. Enjoy the beach, swimming, fishing, or hiking! Head back to the campground for dinner and Connect Group. Camp if you can, or you can leave after the fun events of the day. Those not camping are "visiting" and able to stay until 10pm. Everyone is responsible for their own camping equipment and food.

RSVP to Patti Dattilo by August 7th. Reservations and payments need to be made to ensure we get our spots. We can have two cars at each campsite so we will be able to split costs and set up several tents at one site. Call or text me if you have questions 203-252-1128. Once we have RSVP's I will be able to get a cost out to everyone.

Connect Group Camp Out

Saturday, Aug. 23rd, 12pm

Black Rock State Park, Watertown, CT, United States

Watertown, CT