Crittenden's Critters

Weekly Updates from Room F7!

Dates to Remember

*Monday, September 7 - LABOR DAY- NO SCHOOL

*Friday, September 11 - Patriot Day: Wear Red, White and Blue!

*Monday, September 14- Makeup Picture Day

*Monday, September 28 - Teacher Workday: No School

*Tuesday, September 29 - Kindergarten Starts Full Day

*Thursday, October 1 - Family Math Night

Upcoming Birthdays!

*Tuesday, September 15 - Vivian

*Friday, September 25 - Cam

Volunteer Schedule

Thank you to all of the parents who have expressed interest in Volunteering. I plan to create a volunteer schedule over the weekend so that everyone can have an idea of when they are coming to help in the classroom!

Student Assessments

I will be doing reading assessments (and math for Cubs) on September 15th. I know many of you were curious so I wanted to let you know. These assessments help to guide my instruction and reading/math groups as well as differentiate homework. Because I have my Bears in the afternoon, I cannot invite Cub students back in the afternoon like the other classrooms. Instead, I will be assessing the entire class on September 15th during school hours. If you have any questions, please let me know :)

Weekly Curriculum Update

MATH - This week, we will be continuing to focus on counting, counting on, noticing patterns and simple addition number sentences. Students will learn about "partners" for addition and learn the communicative property of addition. Students will learn to "flip" the partners in addition sentences to create new number sentences. For example, 3+2 = 5 flipped is 2+ 3=5. Counting on is an important foundational math concept to have, so we will be working on building our fluency with counting on in equations.

READING - Students will be learning about the basic story elements in a fiction story. They will also learn the difference between fiction and non-fiction. We will be talking about characters, setting, main events in the story, and problem and solution. These are important concepts for students to understand to build comprehension. I am SO proud of our Reading Stamina in Daily 5. We are now up to 18 minutes! I hope that we can continue to build and maintain stamina. This week, we will be introducing Word Work and Read to Someone as our other choices during the Daily 5. I hope to begin reading groups in early October!

WRITING- Students have been working hard on thinking of what to write about and small moments to stretch out in writing. I have been encouraging them to be brave with sounding out words and to try not to worry about spelling the words correctly. It is important for them to get their thoughts down on paper. We will begin to talk about punctuation and capitalization in the next coming weeks.

SOCIAL STUDIES - Cubs and Bears will both be learning about the Character Counts character traits. We are working in an interactive notebook that helps them to think of concrete examples of the six character traits. We will also be discussing what a community is and what it means to be a part of a community.

SCIENCE- Last week, we ran out of time with Science, so we will be introducing our Scientist Lesson from last week, this week!

Have a Wonderful Long Weekend! See you on Tuesday!