Night of The Twisters

By, Ivy Ruckman


. Dan Hatch

. Arthur Darlington

. Linda Hatch (Dan's Mom)

. John Hatch ( Dan's Dad)

. Stacey Darlington

. Ronnie Vae Darlington

. Aunt Goldie

. Belle Smiley

. Ryan Hatch

. Grandpa Hatch

. Grandma Hatch


The Setting is Grand Island, Nebraska. A fact about Nebraska is that the capital is Lincoln. Another fact is the state bird is a Western Meadowlark. Nebraska is bordered by Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, South Dekota and Wyoming.

Problem and Solution

The problem is that the twister destroyed there homes.

The solution was that people rebuilt it.

The problem is that there was a tornado coming and Ryan was in his room.

The solution was that Dan got him out and took him to the basement.


One day Dan and Arthur were having a sleepover when the sirens went off. So they went to get Ryan from his room. Then they went to the basement and hid in the shower. After the tornado it was a mess. Then Stacey found them and they went to find Dan's mom. They found her then went to get Mrs. Smiley while Dan's mom went on a bus to help other people. Mrs.Smiley was buried under debris and she was asleep. She had slept through the whole thing. When they got her out they got her on a bus. Then the people who didn't get on minibuses were herded into police cars. Our driver heard a tornado siren and drived right into it. The glass in his glasses were gone after that. Dan got to drive to the Public Safety Center where they stayed over night in a jail cell. In the morning Dan went to Kmart to find his mom. The police wouldn't let him in. Then he saw a familiar pickup truck. It was his dad's! When he drove to Dan, Dan started crying. Then Dan's dad said, " we will be living on the farm for awhile." But the sad thing is that Mrs. Smiley died. Everyone Celebrated in her honor.