Weekly Notes

December 13-19

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Focus of the Week: Generosity

Monday, December 14

Tuesday, December 15

AdvancED Survey Closes- make sure to have your kids take theirs as well as you take yours! We have to have this for compliance for MDE!

JCC Meeting cancelled- next meeting is 1/5

Jefferson Staff Breakfast- 8:00 @ Media Center

PBIS District Meeting- 8:45 @ Central Office

Staff Meeting 4-5:30 @ Hrit's Room

Wednesday, December 16

Title Room Cleanout! (Many have emailed- we are going to shoot for cleaning from 4-5)

Thursday, December 17

504 Meeting (Compton, Frisk, Maurus, Stauch) 9:00 @ Frisk's Room

Maurus- Maintenance Meeting @ 10:00

Gleaners Food Drop off 2-4PM in the back blacktop area by the parking lot.

Friday, December 18

Schoolwide Pajama Day! (Please don't make me the only one that participates like on mismatch day)

PBIS Assembly @ 10:00

Frisk/Kopy student party (sent to you in a previous email too)

1st, 2nd & 5th: 8:45-9:50 (the kids can bring their breakfast to our room)

Assembly at 10:00

3rd & 4th: After Assembly (Approx. 10:50-11:50)

Last Week's Behavior Data

Administrative Interventions: 5

ISS: 1

OSS: 1

Send Home: 1

Trends/Hot Spots: Leaving class without permission/not going where students need to be going (make sure to review your procedures with students, as some of our kiddies are taking advantage of open doors and looooooong bathroom breaks. Carver and I always look for the blue laminated paper when kids come to the office to ensure that students always have permission to come down).

Go To College Music Video (with FIRST LADY MICHELLE OBAMA!)

ADHD Corner

This will help you to see things from a parents' point of view.