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Lesson plans for this week--click here!

**Lori will be sending details about the Career Cluster stuff for Friday.

Students with Odd Schedules

Traveling to LN:

Teagan Anders

Hannah Birk

If you are her advisor, please check this doc for each of the travel arrangements.

Going to Career Center for the PM:

Jordan Carpenter

Iman Ghavami

*Their bus leaves LA at 10:40.

Needs a part day:

Seth Wurtz: Arrives after math to earn credit for the remainder of the day.

Currently in Long Term Suspension:

Sir Jameson Thomas (Goes by Jameson)
Thomas Stevens

Logan Reiter

*These students will attend face to face math. They will also be available for you to pull out for any necessary times. Please communicate with Robin.

Virtual Course at LA

The virtual course is a pilot for THIS semester. Please, take some time to ensure that all students understand the ins and outs of this course/pilot.

We were going to hit this info in a few ways:

-Advisor will share on Wednesday (see where Chad put in schedule)

-Norris will hit in large group on Thursday (tell me when)

-Norris will send information via newsletter to parents

Advisors: Please share the first section (for students/parents) with students on Wednesday.

Breakfast and Lunch

Update from Food Services:

Breakfast: This is going to a grab and go system. Janet will be here from 8:40-8:55 UNTIL we can turn this over to a staff member. This is a sacked, grab and go lunch. Go Big yogurt, chex cereal, applesauce, juice and milk in the sack.

Lunch: We will get working on the lunch pre-ordering process asap. We hope to get it rolling in 2-3 weeks after identifying packaging and an order form. We will keep you up to date on this and provide a marketing tool for students to help them learn the new lunch process before it rolls. Until the new rollout, lunch will be status quo from 11:45-12:15. Mrs. Anderson's students will head over to eat at 12:15.

Students NOT Approved for Attendance as of 8/14/18

The following seniors may NOT attend school until they produce the proof of immunizations. IF you encounter them, please send them to Norris.

Leah Atkins

Alyssa Ballinger

Dwayne Beacham

Aman Buz...

Darren Dukes

Gabe Gallardo

Maddie Hadley (Says going tomorrow and will arrive to school late)

Alexa Hanson

Haleigh Marchisio-Burch: out of town through Thurs, Appt Monday, plans to attend school Tues.

Christian Mullins

Ty Orear: Says will bring documentation

Emelia Stone