January 2023


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We hope you've experienced a safe and healthy transition into 2023 surrounded by those you care about. Please know that each of you matter to us and that together, we collectively can support and uplift one another and the systems that help ensure access to quality services. Wising you the best in the New Year!


During 2022, we celebrated Promise 1000's first decade of collective impact work within the home visiting field (and 6th year providing funding to HVAs)! This milestone year included many exciting changes including a new logo and a fiscal agent transition that brought new energy to the Collective. 2022 found us experiencing exponential growth and opportunity, which has been exciting and continues to fuel us in 2023.


We are happy to announce that Nurture KC (formerly Mother & Child Health Coalition) has officially stepped into the role as Fiscal Agent for Promise1000 - Home Visiting Collective! We are thrilled that Nurture KC is able to assume that role and are excited to partner with this well-respected, experienced, and community driven organization. Nurture KC aligns well with Promise 1000’s vision of Healthy Children, Health Families and Healthy Communities. They are mission focused on supporting pregnant and parenting caregivers with young children and are committed to health equity and improving family health, well-being and safety; so they are a natural fit as a fiscal agent as we continue our collective work. Our Home Visiting Agencies (HVAs) continue their dedicated work with children and families as we together focus on how the #earliestdays matter. You can read about this transition below and sign up for Nurture KC's email updates as well.



Did you know that Home Visiting Agencies (HVAs) participating in Promise 1000 now serve 24 counties in both Missouri and Kansas?

Promise 1000 offers various levels of participation through our collective impact work:

1) Any evidence-based home visiting agency can sign an agreement to receive referrals through our www.promise1000.org website via our CRIS (Coordinated Referral and Intake System). This allows streamlined referrals to come through one easily accessible source that can go directly to participating HVAs. CRIS ensures that each family is matched to the best-fit home visiting agency in our service area based on eligibility criteria such as the child's age, zip code or county of residence, and the availability of the programs serving that area. Referrals are monitored and processed in a timely manner to help families access free and voluntary home visiting services as quickly as possible. HVAs experience automatic notifications and reminders, have a dashboard to monitor all of their referrals for their specific agency, and referrals can be transferred if needed. 16 HVAs participate and receive referrals from CRIS currently.

2) 8 HVAs receive Capacity Funding through Promise 1000 to participate in specific activities, professional development trainings, shared data collection and quality improvement processes. Data and process alignment helps collective impact work demonstrate the quality and effectiveness of preventative home visiting services.

In addition to capacity funding, these agencies receive Incentive Dollars for achieving specific performance metrics and outcomes through a pay for performance mechanism which is designed to improve outcomes for children and families receiving services.

3) Promise 1000 provides Technical Assistance, data consultation and support to the State of Missouri (MO) and other MO collective impact home visiting partners who are doing similar work creating and launching their own CRIS systems and networks. This includes work with:

Collective Impact Sites:

- Brighter Beginnings (Boone County) at www.brighterbeginnings.org

- Greene County Home Visiting Network (covering the counties of Bates, Henry, St. Clair, Benton, Hickory, Dallas, Polk, Dade, Laclede, Greene, Webster, Wright, Christian, Douglas, Stone, Taney, and Ozark) at https://cmhredcap.cmh.edu/surveys/?s=NCTCAL9RWF. This Network is facilitated by Community Partnership of the Ozarks. You can learn more about home visiting through the partnership at https://tinyurl.com/2p99hec9

- Generate Health (St. Louis) https://generatehealthstl.org/programs/perinatal-behavioral-health/

State Partners

- Missouri Children's Trust Fund at https://ctf4kids.org/

- DESE Office of Childhood at https://dese.mo.gov/childhood


In 2023, new innovative strategies and plans are being implemented that will create positive ripples across the State of Missouri by increasing prenatal referrals and opportunities to prenatal mothers, simplifying home visiting referrals and professionalizing the field of home visiting.

  • MO Statewide Home Visiting Referral System (frequently referred to as SUPER CRIS) will be launching in early Spring 2023 to ensure referral coverage across the entire state! Families and professionals can make referrals through the collective impact sites websites (including Promise 1000), or they can utilize this one link or website available to make a referral for any parent in MO. The Statewide system will push the referral to the collective impact sites CRIS system that is serving the families county or area of residence, so they can get connected with a local home visiting provider. This ensures coverage for the entire state. All counties or catchment areas will be covered through one of the above-mentioned collective impact sites. Referrals will go through an equitable distribution process while being assigned to the best fit agency serving that area.

  • MO Medicaid Enrollment: Expectant mothers, or those who have recently given birth, and are covered by a Missouri Medicaid (MO HealthNet) plan through one of the Managed Care Plan Providers will have the opportunity to be voluntarily referred to home visiting through the statewide system upon enrollment.

  • Promise 1000 and other home visiting stakeholders have been involved with the DESE Office of Childhood PDG Workforce Development Project to help lend voices in the effort to grow and professionalize the field of early childhood and home visitation. This includes gathering needed information about home visiting personnel in Missouri, exploring educational training resources and certifications such as the Institute for the Advancement of Family Support Professionals and developing a Clustered Occupations Chart to help advance personnel who are doing work within this field. While the overall project and implementation plan is a multi-year effort, working toward professional registration of home visitors brings forth much opportunity for personnel and the field at large. Kids Win Missouri, the MO Parents as Teachers Association, and Promise 1000 along with collective impact home visiting partners want the voice and input of each home visiting program in Missouri, please check out this survey if you are a manager or administrator of a home visiting program: Missouri Home Visiting Landscape Survey (cmh.edu)


This fall we had our annual fiscal year Kickoff Celebration to commemorate our 10th year, receive training on Counting the Kicks Stillbirth Prevention, play a Social Determinants of Health Jeopardy game, provide Promise 1000 technical updates, and bring our home visitors together virtually, as well as recognizing staff and managers during our Annual Award Recognitions.

Please join us in CONGRATULATING:

Home Visitor of the Year Nominations

  • Ashley Black (Children’s Mercy HFA)
  • Sharon Cook (Turner KS PAT)
  • Sonia Reyna (Children’s Mercy HFA)
  • Victoria Campos (Easterseals Midwest Nurturing Parenting Program)
  • WINNER - Margarita Juarez (Children’s Mercy HFA)

Supervisor of the Year Nominations

  • Lacey Law (Kansas City KS PAT)
  • WINNER - Melissa Vaughns-Guein (Children’s Mercy HFA)

Excellence in Outcomes Program Awards


These individuals were nominated by their peers and selected for giving selflessly of their time and for their commitment in providing quality experiences to both parents and staff.

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REDCap Version 3 Upgrade!

This year also brought about an upgrade to our REDCap data collection system. The upgrade has been applied to all the organizations using our formatting, and agencies are slowly transitioning over to it.

We are very excited about this upgrade as it truly shows the adaptability and flexibility that is available when working with REDCap. We have programmed the system to be more visually friendly, address any ongoing needs that the HVAs have, made it easier to do data collection from a device (avoiding some duplicate entry), and implemented an easy to navigate process within the system.

This system was built and continues to be modified with direct Home Visitor and Home Visiting Supervisors input and feedback allowing it to be custom designed specifically to meet home visiting agency, funder and model needs and allows them to demonstrate the impact they are having with the families they serve.


We continue to assist with the MO Safe Sleep, Safe Babies Community Network project through Children's Mercy-Kansas City's Division of Child Adversity & Resilience, with grant funding provided by the Missouri Children's Trust Fund (CTF).

This network includes partnerships with over 20 Missouri community programs trained in Infant Safe Sleep and providing safe sleep education to parents expecting or with infants under 1 year of age (with no income restrictions). Additionally, parents receive a safe sleep crib and materials sent directly to wherever they are residing. Over 650 parents have received safe sleep education and a crib thus far project wide!

Additionally, our partners Nurture KC are assisting in this grant to help our local metro birthing hospitals achieve National Safe Sleep Certification through Cribs for Kids.

Be sure to check out our Safe Sleep page and programs providing this resource


We are also in our 2nd year of utilizing the Kansas City Area Transportation Authority (KCATA) busses to advertise and promote the project. We have 4 busses with large queen size advertisements as well as inside cards with QR codes. We hope you see one of the ads on a metro bus near you in the future! A big thanks to AdSposure for their partnership in this ad campaign.


In 2021, we launched a pilot program called Fruit & Veggie Connect in partnership with Physicians at Children's Mercy Hospital! Produce is harvested from the Children's Mercy Community Garden and delivered to participating Home Visiting Agencies. Those home visitors then directly deliver the produce to families during scheduled home visits. Up to 50 families receive fresh produce for 8 weeks through this program during the summer!
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