Sri lanka

Griffen Wieneke

Columbia is the capital of Sri Lanka

population is 21,675,648 as of 2014

Physical Features

Sri Lanka is pear shaped,has water falls, and has forest and mountains.


  • The earliest know people in Sri Lanka were the Veddahs.
  • If you were over 18 you could vote.
  • English was the official language in Sri Lanka.
  • The island became a british colony in 1802.

People and Places

  • The veddahs called themselves Wanniya meaning forest dwellers.
  • Sri Lanka is a beautiful island.
  • The island is pear shaped.
  • In Sri Lanka there are two million people live in Columbia.


  • The game they mostly play is cricket.
  • The main food in Sri Lanka are rice and curry.
  • The education in Sri Lanka is free.
  • In Sri Lanka they have school until 7:30A.M. till 1:30P.M.


  • The voting age in Sri Lanka is 18
  • The government is lead by a President who is head of the state and the government.
  • The President is elected for a six year term.
  • In Sri Lanka they get around with taxis, busses, and three wheeled cars.

Fun Facts

  • Sri Lanka is near India.
  • The kings in Sri Lanka have wonderful palaces.
  • The people in Sri Lanka love to do art, music, and sculpturing.

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Sri Lanka