Mr. Budisch's Spring Lights

Learning at every turn

Recycling at the Primary School, more than paper. . . .

Our Primary School assembly had two special visitors on Wednesday from our Waukesha County Recycling Center. Kelly Meck and the Recycling Raccoon came to kick off our new addition to our recycling efforts. In our cafeteria, the children will be recycling their empty milk cartons. We are using the phrase, "Drink, Drain, Drop" to help the kids with this new step to throwing away these items. There are two buckets for any milk that isn't finished. The kids pour it in there and toss the carton into special bags in bright blue containers. The first two days were very successful. Students from next door were helpful to our youngsters in getting it done right. Thanks to Ms. Kohnert and Mr. Nettesheim (maintenance) for the extra work they put into this initiative. There are some good pics below to see the special guests.

Live and in Color, BiNGO at the Primary School

What could be better than a little competition with your kids playing the age old favorite-BINGO. The event begins at about 6:30, with the first numbers being called at 7:00 PM. The Primary School cafeteria is where it all happens. Our PTO is the sponsoring group for some family fun with refreshments, prizes, and some good ol boys calling the numbers. See you there!

Typing Pal and the first cohort

Our first cohort of students in grades 2 and 3 have finished their typing program. Mrs. Krogman's, Mrs. Krajewski's, and Ms. Kenney's classes completed the sequence of skills, while Mrs. Karrels' class and Ms. Schwartz' class did the same. The remaining second and third grade rooms began their work this past Monday. We will be having some conversations about the results of the program and the differences it has made with the children. Those children who achieved their proficiency level (grade 2-10 words/minute and gr. 3-15 words/minute) will be receiving a document which acknowledges their quality work. Good luck to the new cohort and thanks for the hard work to the first group!

The learning beat goes on better than ever. . . .

You would never know that our kids are done with wintertime. I have seen terrific behavior for guest teachers, writing stamina that continues to produce really good examples of writing (especially persuasive and all about), singing four part rounds, using shades of color in art work, fractions, and telling time and roller skating, to name just a few. Our excitement during the Book Fair was the best! I am very proud of our children, the teachers and staff, and the volunteers who give their all.

Culver's Night Wednesday, March 19th

Please visit the Culver's located just off of Hwy 83 and Cardinal Dr. in Hartland (behind the Mobil Station). On March 19th, from 5:00-8:00 PM, enjoy a meal or a treat and Culver's will donate a portion of the evening's proceeds to us. Please check the Flyer for the full page detail. Thanks! Sounds delicious!