Alternative Energy

4th Quarter Geology Project

Alternative Energy Advertisement on Smore!

Advertisement for Alternative Energy Form of Your Choice. Make Viewers want to use it!

• Nuclear (fusion) - Raul • Hydropower- Amanda • Biomass - Alyssa • Biofuel (ethanol) - Phil • Solar - Jake • Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) • Wind - John • Propane - Travis • Hydrogen Fuel Cells - PJ • Geothermal - Sarah • Other forms of Biodiesel (not algae or ethanol) • Biomass- (biogas?) animal derived • Tidal/Wave Power- Megan • Hydroelectric-Shelby • Nuclear (fission) - Grant


1. What is the name(s) for your form?

2. How does it work?

3. Who discovered this form and when?

4. How much energy can it produce and how does this compare to traditional forms?

5. What countries are currently leading the world in using it and how much of their % electricity (or fuel) per day/year does it make up?

6. What is future outlook for your alternative energy form?

7. How much does it cost to make?

8. How much is it sold for?

9. Where do the raw materials come from?

10.What are the benefits and drawbacks of your form?

11. MLA Citations