Tobacco is Seriously dangerous for people


This Is made by the one and only Johnathan Neal and his sidekick Jayden who is very small

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Tobacco's Physical Consequences

Makes you break-out more.

Makes Teenagers more lazy and they wont go anywhere and stay in the house.

You are more likely to to catch a cold and have the symptoms

Tobacco can delay birth.

Tobacco's Social Consequences

If your friends have a lung cancer thing or anything smoking tobacco around them might make things worse.

If you don't have friends and just sit around smoking tobacco then you will become lazy and not socialize with people.

Your teeth could fall out and your skin could wrinkle which would make people not won't to be around you.

People might treat you badly if the effect of smoking tobacco hit you, that might cause bullying and maybe and suicide.

Tobacco Dangers

A danger is if your smoking while your pregnant your baby could be born with lung cancer or have something wrong with his nervous system. If your smoking underage and you get caught no only you will get in trouble your parent will get in trouble and possibly go to jail which will mess you up. It take a very long time to quit and could be very expensive.

Tobacco Mental/Emotional

Your urge to not do anything but smoke will increase as the years go by.

You will go down.