Mrs. Myers' Memo

February 7th, 2014

100th Day and Valentine's Day

Since we had two snow days, our 100th day of school will now be on Feb 14th! We will have an ice cream celebration for our 100th day of school. I have asked families to donate $1-2 for the ice cream supplies I will be purchasing (ice cream, toppings, bowls, spoons, napkins, etc.) this weekend. Thank you for your support and help!

Valentine's Day will also be that day, so in addition to all of our fun 100th day festivities, we will hand out Valentine's as well. These are not required. If you choose to send in valentine's for your student to hand out, please leave the "To" blank and only write the name on the "From" section. This makes distribution of the cards much easier! And, when they get home with their valentine bags, they don't worry about having a card meant for someone else. :-)

A note did come home today in folders about the 100th day party. Please check it out for further detail. Thank you!

Progress reports came home today in backpacks!

Rainbow Words

Congratulations to the following students that have been practicing their rainbow words and made a move on the Rainbow Wall:
  • Red: Masyn Garber
  • Orange: Masyn Garber, Cileah Mayle
  • Yellow: Cileah Mayle
  • Blue: Jada Thomas
  • Pink: Madison Jakovac