Sammy Davis Jr.

A sucsessful Musician


After world war 2 Sammy Davis came back to his music career. In 1950 Sammy went solo and produced to albums and were a successful enough to put his name as the head line in Los Vegas and New York. Another accomplishment is that Sammy was a huge star on broadway playing in Mr. Wonderful and in Golden Boy and they were both huge hits and People felt good when they watch Sammy.

Sammy Davis Jr. behind the scene

In November of 1954 Sammy Davis Jr. got in a car accident and almost lost his life. He shattered his face and ruined his left eye. In 1960 Sammy married a sweetish actrist May Brit. They had one daughter and adopted two sons in their 8 years a marriage. IN 1974 Sammy Davis got married a second time to Altovise Davis.

Sammy Davis

So many people wanted Sammy Davis to come to there place to sing with his band they would change the way they worked. Sammy Davis died of cancer in May 16,1990 age 64.

Sammy Davis Jr. was the most talented interteaner to touch the planet because he could dance,sing, and act and there was nobody else that could do that