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Monday: Veteran's Day

Happy Birthday, Dr. J!

1:30: MN at DAC for suspension hearing


Music Therapy

1:30: MN Court for Student Subpoena



District Leadership Team: 9:15-11:45 MN


Upcoming Dates:

11/18: Happy Birthday, Nick

11/25: Health and Financial Freedom Workshop by Dion Lucas

11/25: Thanksgiving Dinner provided by PVBC

11/27-29: No School, Happy Thanksgiving

NEE: PDP Mid-Year, Non-Tenured Surveys

Week of Nov. 18 SEL Lesson

Lesson 12: Dealing with Trigger Situations

  1. Circle: Share trigger situations you have observed in others or yourself. Remember, EVERYONE experiences trigger situations.

  2. Skill introduction: Model the Trigger Situation Buster form. Use a situation to walk them through the form. Tell students that reflecting on situations (as this form does) can help them learn how to handle trigger situations more positively and productively in the future. Also, if they get triggered at school, a staff member may use the form to help them reflect on the situation as a way to help them for the future. (Tell them #10 will be taught later)

  3. Remember, the purpose of the trigger buster form is to become more aware of the relationship between situations and your own reactions, thoughts, and feelings in those situations. When you’ve had more practice reflecting on these situations, you will find that you’re better able to respond + and assertively in the middle of a trigger situation. Write about….

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Time Management Self-Assessment

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The Small Mall is always a HIT for kids and adults alike! Lots of great conversations between our kids and the volunteers--"I've never wrapped a present before! I guess we will have a Christmas this year!" However, the church can not pull this off without us! Start spreading the word that we are collecting donations!
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