Long Way Gone

By: Ishmael beah

Internal Characterization

Ishmael beah is the main character in "Long way gone" and his Internal struggle is that he is a 12 years old and he is in a war and that must be hard for him and the struggle to survive and how much physical and mental pressure it is for Ishmael.
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Historical Connection to past or present event

This book "A long way gone" has a connection to a past event in history when people had to work against there will with little to no pay and had to work very long and hard for mental and physical strength. The past event I am making a connection is when there were slaves. Also children worked as slaves a lot like adults and in Long Way Gone the children worked very hard so that is a similarity
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Self vs Man

In the book Ishmael and his friends are in the middle of a war and it is very hard to avoid the have to in encounter many challenges along the way and it is difficult for them to survive like being shoot at hunted for.

Self vs Self

Well Ishmael for a lot of the book is alone and he has to see so many terrible thinks and it effects him a lot, for example. "His loneliness is overwhelming, but he finds solace in the sounds of nature, which gratefully help to drown out his terrifying memories. He begins fearing sleep and where his thoughts might take him". this quote is showing how bad the struggle in being alone.
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