The Biggest Blowout of the Year!

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Savory Cuisine!

Pizza Palace is the ideal food company if Chisholm Trail has over 55 people (students/staff) that will be attending. 101 people (students /staff) will be the maximum amount (with a food budget of $1000) that can be invited to eat-after rounding from 101.4864....down, because a person would not appreciate, I'm sure, being chopped into fractions. Burger Bonanza would be an ideal food company if there were 98 attendees maximum, and if the attendance is under 55, they would be of lesser cost than Pizza Palace.

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Rebounding Options

Jumpin' Jack's is the ideal bounce house renting company if Chisholm Trail wishes to rent the obstacle "house" for over 4 hours. While the maximum of "Jack's" is 12.3333.... hours at the price of $750, Hopin' Around can only achieve 10 hours with that given budget. Prior to 4 hours of renting, Hopin' Around costs less, but after hitting a 4th hour, Jumpin' Jack's is a better choice financially.
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