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July 2017 Edition

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Rosetta Stone - Mandarin

We don't typically put out a newsletter in the middle of a trimester but we wanted to let you know about a few things.

First, please check out when the library will be open in the coming two weeks. Events like Service & Appreciation day and the 4th of July weekend will affect our hours.

We know it may seem strange to introduce the blankets in the middle of summer, but that's exactly what we're going to do. You may find them more useful in the fall but we also know people like to snuggle in the summer when the A/C is on full blast. Please feel free to use the blankets but keep them in the library. They are not picnic blankets.

Finally, Monica Howell, our archivist, always finds the most interesting things. Please check out her "Posture Queens" display this summer.

TCM students (and those interested in learning Mandarin), we now have Rosetta stone installed on a few computers near the information desk. If you need a microphone/headphone combo, we also have those available for checkout.

We hope your midterms and boards went well. We'll see you at the end of the trimester.

Fourth of July & Service and Appreciation Day

Here are the hours for the weeks surrounding the 4th of July holiday.

We are closed on June 29th for Service & Appreciation Day. The book drop to return books will be accessible.

We are open Friday, June 30th our regular hours--7:30 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.

We are closed for the holiday Saturday-Tuesday, July 1st-July 4th.

We have regular hours before these dates and after these dates. If you have a book due on any date from June 29th through July 4th, you can return it on July 5th--except for reserve items. Reserves still have the two hour checkout limit.

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You may see these on the chairs. They are what you think they are.

If you are feeling a little chilly, please feel free to make use of the fleece blankets found on chairs and couches in the library. Library use only, please!

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Posture Queens

Could YOU be the next Posture Queen? We have a new exhibition out on posture and posture contests! The first known Posture Queen contest was held by the American Chiropractic Association in 1927. These contests were intended to garner attention for chiropractic and the role of posture in health and appearance. Men had their own division in the ACA contests, but only until 1931. Posture beauty contests were held through the 1920s-40s, spreading to many schools and communities, and eventually became very popular during the '50s and '60s. In 1958, Chiropractic Economics published a short article noting that "Posture contests are BIG business." Most contests seem to have ended by the late 1960s, though Galveston, TX, resurrected their 1930s-era Most Perfect Back contest as the Most Beautiful Back contest in 2012. Read all about the Posture Queens in the journal Chiropractic History, vol. 22, #2, in the bound journal section of the library. Included in the display are some posture-related brochures from our pamphlet collection and a couple of posture competition articles from a 1954 Minneapolis junior high school newsletter.

-Monica Howell

Rosetta Stone

TCM students*--are you looking to practice your Mandarin? The library now has Rosetta Stone in Mandarin Chinese on a few computers near the information desk in the library.

You may need a microphone and headphones to complete the lessons. They can be checked out at the information desk if you don't have your own.

*As with all library materials, materials are available to anyone with interest in learning Mandarin regardless of program but we feel TCM students may be more interested.

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