president of Texas

vote for timber

issues of Texas

1. problem debt , i will get rid of debt by setting a budget and spending I will not go over budget.

2. problem how to deal with the natives , i will treat them with respect and give them some of their land back.

3.problem unruly army , i will give them some land.

4.mexico not recognizing us as independent ,i will deal with that by trading with other countries .

5.I would annex with the u.s to get more land to travel to and explore .

6.slavery , I will get rid of slavery .

about me

1. I will not be like Lamar .

2. I'm really nice , respectable, easy to talk to .

3. I grew up in kansas until in was 11 and then i moved here.

4. I'm really understanding how everything works.

vote for me I know whats right for our country

I guarantee that our country will change for the better