Early Excellence Express

August 11, 2020

Greetings from EEA!

I hope that this newsletter meets you with comfort and resolution as we all begin finalizing the opening of the upcoming school year.

As a nation, state, school district, and early childhood center, the road to re-entry has not been as clear-cut as in years past. There is still much that is unknown and what is known changes daily. What is known and that will not be forgotten is that the Early Excellence Academy remains a vital part of the Tomball ISD culture and we are here to support you and the needs of your family.

With that being said, the Early Excellence Academy will open its doors to students and families on September 8, parallel with campus start dates. Students will be returning to procedures, social circles, and academic demands. During this transition, our children will need US to maintain collaborative relationships so that each child's development can foster. I am confident we will make great things happen for a successful and safe start to the school year, because high quality learning experiences, under any circumstance, is our business.

“Why can't EEA open when other daycares are open?”

The Early Excellence Academy is a licensed childcare center regulated by the Department of Health and Human Services. Health and Human services protects children by regulating, monitoring, investigating, and informing all childcare operations in order to protect the health and well-being of every child placed in care. Most daycares are franchises which are independently owned and operated. The franchisee ultimately has control and makes the determination for the path the organization takes. The Early Excellence Academy is not a franchise. We are overseen by a governing body. That governing body is our public school district and its school board. Together, they make strategic decisions to develop and improve the Academy as a whole.

This detail is what makes EEA different than the typical daycare. This difference is what sets us apart. This difference ultimately provides rich experiences and resources to EEA students that are nowhere near that of any other daycare. It is what makes EEA the best early education center in Tomball.

Together our district and our school board chose safety; safety of students and your colleagues.

In addition, Public Health orders were signed in late July that required all public and non-religious private schools in Harris County to remain closed to in-person instruction until at least September 8. Because we are funded with public funds, we are associated with public schools and would need to halt in person instruction.

I understand the hurdles ahead. As a parent of a toddler who attends EEA, the situation is not ideal. The hectic pace of parents’ lives pushes the popularity and necessity of daycare services. I appreciate you all for your continued support of the Early Excellence Academy despite imperfect circumstances.

See you all soon!


Tuition Reimbursements

Tuition Reimbursements were submitted to Accounts Payable on July 30. The next check run for the district is on Thursday the 13th. Most, if not all, of the refunds will process as a direct deposit to the employees bank account the following Monday, August 17th. If any employees receive live checks, they will be mailed on Friday the 14th.

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EEA tuition is collected through payroll deductions. Given the delayed start for the 2020-2021 school year, 33 weeks of care will be provided from September 8 through May 28. Deductions will begin with the September 10 pay check cycle and end May 25, with a total of 17 cycles.

Payroll deduction verification forms are due to EEA by August 14 if utilizing the September 10 cycle. The forms can be found on our website under the August 2020 re-entry tab.

ALL families will need to complete an updated Payroll Deduction Verification form as initial tuition costs have been adjusted to reflect the current school calendar. Payroll Deduction Verification forms can be submitted to DebraLauersdorf@tomballisd.net.

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Early Excellence Academy provides daily updates and photos through our center's software system, Brightwheel.

To get started using Brightwheel

  • An email will be sent to the address provided at enrollment
  • Download the iPhone/Android app, or sign-up from the web
  • Choose Create Account, Parent, and then Sign-up
  • If you do not see your child upon account creation, click "Add a Child" and enter the 10-digit character invite code.

Your e-mail invitation will be sent to new families the week of August 17. Established families will see updates to your account during this week.

Please make sure your Brightwheel account is set up prior to August 24!

Supply Drop Off

On August 24, the Early Excellence Academy will open its doors to families in order to drop off supplies needed for care. Please use the link below to sign up for a designated time.


We are asking that only one parent accompany the child during this event as we exercising all safety precautions during this time. ALL adults must wear masks when entering the building.

Please bring the following items with you during orientation:

1. 2 sets of seasonally appropriate clothes to include: shirt, shorts/pants, socks, shoes (1 pair) in a sealed ziploc bag with your child's name

2. Nap materials (items must be able to fit into Ziploc XL Big Bag)

Bags will be provided on arrival to EEA

3. Medications / Physicians Orders (if applicable)

4. Any missing enrollment documents

5. (2 year old students) Pull-ups, Wipes: Must be brought in sealed package

All items should be labeled with your child's first and last name

Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

EEA will be implementing the following drop-off and pick-up procedures that limit possible exposure between families and childcare staff.

  1. Drop off and pick up times will be staggered Times are subject to change as decisions regarding re-entry and virtual instruction for TISD are published.
  2. Parents will not be allowed to enter the facility

All students must be screened each morning before check-in to be in compliance with current Emergency Orders for Childcare Centers. Screenings will be completed through Brightwheel. Please review screening procedures HERE.

Virtual Welcome

Due to COVID health precautions, Meet the Teacher and other orientation activities will look differently this year. Teachers will prepare introductory videos and virtual tours of their classrooms to help facilitate the transition to face to face instruction.

Stay tuned for more details!


August 10-August 24:

  • ALL outstanding enrollment documentation must be in to EEA administration in order for your child to attend the center beginning September 8.

August 17

  • Brightwheel Invitations sent out to new families

August 24: Supply Drop Off

August 25: Virtual Welcome

  • More details to come!

September 8: EEA Opens for the 2020-2021 School Year

  • Drop off and Pick Up times will be reflective of district and campus needs


The EEA website can now be found under Departments on the TISD main web page!

Please visit the website for additional information!


Students will need to pack a sack lunch on the following days:

Fall Semester

  • November 3

Spring Semester

  • January 4
  • January 5
  • January 18
  • February 15
  • May 28

Contact Us

Continue to log into Brightwheel for all daily activities and notes from staff. If you are having concerns with receiving updates, please let any member of EEA know!

When dialing into EEA from an out of district line, please dial the main number to our district, 281-357-3100, then dial our EEA extension, 2620. If you are phoning from an in district line, please dial the extension only, 2620.