Bruneau Elementary Newsletter

March 2023

Upcoming Events

Thursday, March 9th End of 3rd Quarter

Friday, March 10th Teacher Inservice

Tuesday, March 14th School Board Meeting 1:00 @GVE

Tuesday, March 14th Student Led Conferences 4-7pm

March 20th-24th Spring Break

March 27th School Resumes

Curriculum Committee Meeting - March 28 - Rimrock - 4:45pm

Curriculum Committee Meeting - April 18 - Rimrock - 4:45pm

Curriculum Committee Meeting - May 9 - Rimrock - 4:45pm

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A Note from Mr. Meyers

Habit 5—seek First to Understand, then to Be Understood • Listen Before You talk

My wife and I have nicknames for our kids. We named Christopher, age one, “Scream” because that’s what he does. When he doesn’t get her way or feels ignored, he screams. Loud! It is his way of getting attention. As adults, we may not scream, but we act out in other ways when we don’t feel that anyone is listening. For sure, the deepest need of the human heart is to be understood.

In school we’re taught how to read, write, and speak. But we’re not taught how to listen, which is the most important communication skill of all. Listening with our ears isn’t good enough, because less than 10 percent of communication is contained in the words we use. The rest comes from body language and the tone and feeling reflected in our voice. What a great blessing it would be if we could teach our kids how to listen while they’re young! Use this story to point out how Jumper learned to listen, not only with his ears but also with his eyes and his heart—and as a result, everyone was happier.

After Watching:

1. What did Jumper do when Goob told him he was sad and didn’t want to play?

2. How did Allie feel when Jumper couldn’t understand her? How do you feel when

no one understands you?

3. Who helped Allie solve her problem? What did Lily Skunk say to Jumper about


4. Who was happy at the end of the story? Why is listening so important?

The Seven Habits of Happy Kids: Habit 5 - Seek First to Understand, Then to Be Understood

K/1 Miss Wampler

K/1 has been busy learning about the Symbols of America. We were very interested in the Presidents and researched to learn more about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. During writing, we are creating exciting opinions about the best pet. For math, we are focusing on geometry while describing and building flat and solid shapes. We are looking forward to sharing more about our learning during student led conferences this March!
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2/3 Mrs. Jones

Our class continues to work hard as they navigate new information. Second grade is in the beginning stages of learning 3-digit addition and subtraction. Second grade is also working on Author's Purpose and Point of View. Third grade continues to prepare for ISAT testing through small group instruction. Third graders have completed a project for measurement by designing their "Dream House" and finding square units. Third graders are also working on Author's Purpose and Text Structure, such as compare/contrast, cause/effect, problem/solution, and sequence. Second and Third grade are also beginning a new Opinion Writing Essay. I am so proud of their hard work and dedication!
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4/5 Mrs. Huling

4th and 5th Grade Happenings

This group of kids are amazing! They have been busy, busy, busy. Fractions and decimals are the main topic during math. They are learning to add, subtract, multiply and divide both fractions and decimals. These great students have been practicing measuring angles by creating a poster with their names on them, and measuring the different angles in their names. They are such a creative bunch of artists and mathematicians.

These authors have been busy writing opinion pieces on a variety of topics. The requirement of school uniforms, the idea to replace textbooks with tablets, and having an exotic animal as a pet are some of the ideas they wrote about. They are also busy researching different states in the United States, and will be presenting their findings to the class.

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January Students of The Month

February Students of The Month

Our students of the month for February were chosen for showing self-discipline at BES.

January/February Cape Run

Each month, we select students from each class that have shown outstanding growth on our Istation reading or math assessment to participate in our cape run. January's students are:

Sam Glascock, Madison Glidden, and Remington Deforest.

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February's students are: Crickett Bailey, Madison Glidden, Sofia Araujo, Marilyn Black, and Hap Prow.
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Little League Basketball

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