sleeping in the forest.

and problems with hurricanes similarities and differences.


In sleeping in the forest the tone and dialogue seem very peaceful and extremely intense at the same time. It may sound complicated but the poem is very unique.

Because at the begging it talks about how "the earth remembered me and she took me back so tenderly". Like what does tenderly even mean? Sounds gross. But Then again a little bit forward in the poem is says It says "I slept as i never have before, a stone on a river bed". And a little more forward it says, " My thoughts floated light as moths among the branches like perfect trees". Which sounds very calming a relaxing something Morgan Freeman would say!


Now in problems with hurricanes it also is a calming but part comedy type poem and lets us to be worry of what we do in a hurricane. In the beginning It tells us "to not worry about the waves, not the wind, or the noise but watch out for fruits:. At first you're like what does that even mean, then you read on more and it says,"watch out for flying mangoes, coconuts, and bananas! Then you like really" bananas", and you giggle a little and you keep reading and it goes, " so you don't want you're grave stone to say killed by a flying bananas" (hehehe), " because dying by drowning has an HONOR, and wind picking you up and slamming you to a wall has HONOR, But having a banana hitting you're head at 70mph on you're grave isn't very good looking." Even though there talking about death its in a comedic way, and a relaxing one too.

form structure and figurative language

In sleeping in the forest it uses some figurative language like, " the earth remembered me," which is personification. and saying she heard the insects breathing around her. Which i believe is also personification,. But the structure of the poem kinda looks like a tree shape also as if in a woods. even though the poem itself sounds likes its already in a woods. And the form its in is already pretty calm and formative.
In problems with hurricanes the structure is a lot longer than sleeping in the forest, but its split apart way more. Some figurative language in this poem are (7-8) green plantains and bananas flying into town like projectiles. Which is a simile. That's actually it for this poem.


In conclusion to all of this They two are both have similarities and differences, like there both peaceful, serious, and sort surprising at the same time and both have some figurative language. But there form are both extremely different.

But that kinda raps thongs up for this flyer!