KA Classroom Update

Friday, November 13, 2015

What's happening in KA?

We have been certainly been busy since our last newsletter. Our IB study of Community has led us to conversations about the differences and similarities in a variety of communities, including our classroom, our school, and our neighborhood. We have been exploring the similarities and differences of these communities, and how we can be helpful members of all.

In Math we have been playing games that help deepen our number sense. Check your child's green take home folder for a game sheet for How Many Am I Hiding. You can use unifix cubes, legos, marbles, anything small and easy to hold.

Check out our photos below to learn more about what we are doing in Reading, Writing, Math and IB.

Please note that school begins at 8:30am each day. We open our classroom at 8:10am to students and students should arrive as close to 8:10am as possible so that we can begin our school day.


Dance with Ms. Siby

Greetings KA Families! Our dancers have been learning that shapes are not just for art class. As dance artists, we mold our bodies into different shapes that create images that help us to express thoughts and ideas without using words. Ask your dancers to show you their angular, straight, curvy and twisted shapes! They'll be happy to do so. We've also been enjoying building our improvisation skills, with our freestyle circle dances. I must say, KA has some very talented movers and groovers, but don't take my word for it! Check out the video below. Until next time. (vimeo password to view video: kaclassroom)
8 count dancing with Ms. Siby
8 count dancing with Ms. Siby

Science With Ms. Rosabal

The KA Dendrologists are taking their study of trees to the next level! In partnership with our fabulous art teacher, Ms. Walsh, we are learning about why leaves change color and fall off trees--all while giving the BPCS Elementary School lobby tree a seasonal--and scientific--update. Students have been able to attend to the structural features of leaves (noticing their different shapes and vein structure, for example), and have used this knowledge to draw, paint, and cut out leaves. Ok, fine; the glitter on our leaves is not exactly scientific, but otherwise, they are the real deal! Next up in Science: more leaf rubbings, leaf puzzles, and even an experiment with roots!

Amazon Wish Lists

We have created an Amazon Wish List for books and games. If you would like to contribute to our classroom, please select an item from the wish list to donate. Thanks in advance!

BPCS Food Policy

Brooklyn Prospect Charter School believes that no student should go hungry throughout the school day. As such, if a student requests any meal (breakfast, snack, and/or lunch), that student will be served and their meal account will be charged with the expectation that all charges be paid in full by the student's family each billing cycle. To stay apprised of your student's meal account, families may log into TeacherEase to obtain up-to-date information. We strongly encourage families to prepay for meals and/or provide students with meals each day to avoid any unexpected charges. In addition, if you believe that you qualify for free or reduced meal status, please complete and submit an application as soon as possible. To request an application, contact our main number at 718-722-7634.

Important Information

  • Follow us on Instagram @kaclassroom for more pictures of our daily life in KA (www.instagram.com/kaclassroom)
  • We will send home your child's green take home folder every Friday with their work in it. Please make sure to take student work from this folder and return this folder each Monday.
  • Park days to Fort Greene are Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for the park- including wearing rubber soled shoes.
  • Please clearly label your child's belongings. If you child is missing something, check out the lost and found on the 10th floor!

Dates to take note of:

  • Early dismissal at 1:30pm Wednesday, November 25th. No ASP.
  • Thanksgiving Holiday- No School: Thursday, November 26 and Friday, November 27th.