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Bryan Learning Commons

The Genrefication of Our Learning Commons

Forget everything you think you know about how to locate books in the fiction section. We have joined the ever-growing list of schools making the change to a genrefied fiction section. Sounds complicated but it really isn't! This just means that our fiction section is divided by genres: historical, sports, fantasy, humor, romance, adventure, dystopian, mystery, supernatural, family&friends and science fiction. Studies show that readers are able to choose books that they are more likely to enjoy and finish reading when the books are on shelves by genre. This change has also provided me the opportunity to teach some awesome lessons about various genres and what each embodies. Feel free to stop by and browse our genrefied shelves during our Family Fun Night on January 22.

2016 Truman Award Nominees

The 12 books vying for the 2016 Truman Award have been announced. You can see the list at Go to Reader Awards, look for Trumans and start reading!