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November 13, 2015

Mrs. Price's Fourth Grade Class

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November 18 - Conley fundraiser at Culvers

November 23-24:No school - Parent-Teacher Conferences

November 25-27:No school - Thanksgiving Break

News You Can Use!

This week the students had a great time at the party they earned on Tuesday. We are on our way to earning the next party.

It is hard to believe the first trimester is coming to an end. Next Friday your child will bring home their report card. I am looking forward to meeting with all of you to discuss your child's progress.

Our next Scholastic book order is due on November 22. It is a great way to build your child's library and it will help build the classroom library. My goal is to build the nonfiction section of the library.

This Wednesday there will be a fundraiser for Conley at Culvers in Huntley. I will be "working" from 4-5. Hope to see you there.

Below you will find the link for this week's prefix project and my math class's angle project. The students are doing a great job with the technology with the skills in all subject areas.

Literacy by Crystal

Hello my name is Crystal and welcome to my report of Literacy. On Monday, we wrote sentences and then corrected them and we circle the nouns. We did this daily. We did this on the back of our Word Of The Week.[WOW] We also did an exit slip about technology safety. We also went ahead and did a second read for our book. Coyote School News.On Wednesday, we did a drawing conclusions worksheet. It was about looking at the text and drawing conclusions.On Thursday, we watched a Disney short with nothing speaking.We had to draw conclusions about the short on a worksheet. We did this with Mrs. Malinger. On Friday, we did a little lesson about "Give Me Fives." Give me fives are a way of saying "Pay attention to me!" and you say what is on your mind. That concludes my Literacy report. Bye!!!

Mrs. Price's Math Class by Eros

On Monday we didn't have math because we did the M.A.P. test on our chrome book which had about 52 questions.Then on Tuesday we did another test on paper though,which didn't go in our grade but it was to see what we know about math.On Wednesday, we did something different than tests we did stations 3 of them.They were meet with Mrs. Price, do a page in our journals, and do Front Row, which is a math website. With Mrs. Price we learned about Friendly Numbers.Then, on Thursday we did more stations but with Mrs. Price we learned about Partial Quotients a way to divide. Finally on Friday, we did stations again but learned about Map scales and reviewed factor strings.That is what we did in Mrs. Price's math class on the week of Nov. 13 2015.

Mrs. Hassels's Math Class by Lisa

This week in Mrs. Hassles math class we have been working on decimals. On Tuesday we worked on reading decimals. Like, for 0.32 we pronounce it zero and 32 hundredths. We also converted them to fractions. On Wednesday,we worked on putting them in their places. On Thursday, we worked on putting them from smallest to largest. On Friday, we figured out which decimals were larger than others. Ex: 4.45 > 3.56.

Science and Social Studies by Kalyn

On Monday in science a few people presented their animal's new adaptations, and we watched a video in social studies about how we won our independence from Great Britain. Then then on Tuesday other people continued to show their new animals and in social studies we discussed what we had seen in the video. On Wednesday we still had some people who needed to do their presentations. In social studies our reading groups each got a different book on government. After that on Thursday, We finally finished the presentations in science and continued our government books. Finally on Friday we talked about the Preamble in social studies. Thanks for reading!

P.E. by Zach

Monday, we were doing cup stacking/rock wall and the boys used the rock wall first when the girls cup stacked first.

Tuesday,we put the pool noodles into the wall and we got to choose where we wanted to go, and we added another activity.

Wednesday, we added more pool noodles to the rock wall and did the other two activities.

Thursday,we added more pool noodles to the rock wall and used the other two activities.

Friday, we did the same as Thursday.

Music and Art by Bharathi

This week in music we first did rhythm football.In rhythm football there was names of football teams and we had to math them with rhythms. On Wednesday we did stations for our music singing test.These are some of the stations that we did drawing, staff bowling,playing twinkle twinkle little star on boomwhackers ,and playing our recorders,it was all a lot of fun!Next,on Thursday we did boomwhacker races.Mrs.Karl would put a ball on the staff rug and we would have do find out what note it was,find the boomwhacker that matches the note and play the boomwhacker. Lastly,in art we painted tints and shades.A tint is when you add white to any color and a shade is when you add black to any color.I hope you enjoyed hearing about what we did this week!