The Free Store

aka The Free Shop (

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What are you doing?

We are giving away free stuff. We don’t accept money or anything else, if you see something

you like take it and smile. It’s your lucky day.

Why are you doing this?

Corporations and governments encourage and profit from an economy designed to waste and exploit resources, products, services and people.

By giving away free things we are slowing down the tide of things going to landfill, slowing down the destruction of the environment and trying to make people happy.

Where did all this stuff come from?

Some we didn’t want anymore, some we found, some we just decided someone else would like more than ourselves right now.

Is this stuff still good?

As far as we can tell yes, but we really can’t be sure, it may need a wash, wipe down or other. We can’t guarantee anything.

Can I add some stuff to the free shop?

Yes, just make sure it’s in a condition that a reasonable person might want it.

Returns policy:

If it didn’t fit or you changed your mind, you can bring it back for a 100% refund ($0).

The Free Store: Fridays 3pm – 7pm, City Square ; Corner of Swanston and Collins streets, Melbourne 3000.

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