Lake Lewisville

By: Jordan Haley


People over the age of 17 need to purchase a license in order to fish.

Cost: $25.00



  • Largemouth bass: Minimum- 14 in, Bag limit- 5
  • Spotted bass: No minimum, Bag limit- 5
  • White & hybrid striped bass: Minimum- 18 in, Bag limit- 5
  • White crappie: Minimum- 10 in, Bag limit- 25
  • Blue & channel catfish: Minimum- 30-45 in, Bag limit- 25


Zebra Mussel

Giant Salvinia

ShareLunker Program

Largemouth Bass weighing 13 lbs+

Legally caught in Texas waters

Weighed on certified scales

Fish transferred within 12 hours of capture