OCPL Weekly Update

March 12, 2015

Mahan Library

We got a new display for the second floor last week. It holds brochures, flyers, etc. about community events and attractions. (Kind of like what you would see at a rest stop, only smaller).

We put up the banner for the National Library Week today, and it looks really good! So good that I'm looking into getting a couple of other banners so we can have something in that space all year long. (I never realized how much better that space would look with something in it!) Thanks to Kendra for researching possible banners to order.

I'm going to the KPLA conference next week in Lexington, and I should be able to give everyone a report on that next time.

See you next time!


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We started out the week with a patron that took out a gun and bullets at the public computers. He was also talking about crystal meth and seemed high. After I walked back there he left the library and I called the police. A patron followed him to the skate park and called his location in to the police. That patron came back in to the library to let us know the police were talking to him. yikes.


Main Circ & Teens

@ Main Circ:

  • Thanks to Mary R. for pitching in this week with staff training while I was doing the Run. I had fun seeing everyone at the branches on Tuesday :)
  • Thanks to Melinda and Tammy for their input on our new staff training manual. It is almost done--yay to Mary M.!!! It has been a lot of work.
  • Thanks to Trisha for fixing our cordless phone!
  • Thanks to Jen for organizing our breakfast to Verbena Cafe on Wednesday morning. It was a small group of us that dragged ourselves out of bed that early, but it was fun! Jen is planning the next event: Saturday, April 25th in the evening (she is shooting for dinner and a movie--details to follow but mark your calendar). Don't miss out on fun with your co-workers :)

Next Week for Teens:

  • Book Besties-Monday, 4:30-5:15
  • St. Patrick's Day Crafts-Tuesday, 4:30-7 in the Teen Area
  • "When the Clock Strikes 12" Masquerade Event-Friday, 7 pm - midnight--teens should register online through the teen page
  • The brackets are available for the "Character Clash"--first round should be turned in by March 18th--remember to encourage patrons to vote

Picture above is from the Engineers of Tomorrow robotics presentation last Saturday. If you have patrons whose kids are interested in robotics, this is a high school group that builds robots for world competitions in OC and also does camps for younger kids in the summer--it is very cool!


South Oldham Library

Recently, we experienced a glaring lack of seating/study areas for our patrons. At one point two weeks ago, we had a Lego program in the children’s room, both tables in use by tutors, all seating occupied and nearly all public PC’s in use. It was so bad that we had a tutoring session taking place on the floor in our non-fiction stacks. The tutor and student were using a stool for a table!

Because of this and our patron survey responses, we’ve been doing our best to make some changes that will better accommodate the public. We’ve moved the new non-fiction to the slat wall to display alongside the new fiction. This allowed us to utilize the shelving in front of the circ desk for our book sale items. We’ve removed the old hand-me-down bookshelf that previously housed our book sale items from the front corner and we’ve added a couple of chairs and a small table. Our intention is to purchase more comfortable seating for that area. The hard chairs are a temporary solution. We also removed the small typewriter table and some clutter from the YA area to make more room for the café table.

They’re small changes, but we’re hopeful that we’re providing a more comfortable and functional space for the public.



The big news in Children's is that our new Children's Programming Assistant, Susan Bunting, started this week. She has hit the ground running and has been in Book Besties, Drop-in crafts and will be going to the Kindergarten Registrations at the Elementary schools tonight and tomorrow. If you haven't met her yet, you will soon. She will also be coming out to the branches with me for the upcoming drop-in craft programs. Welcome, Susan!

Many of us will be at the nine elementary schools tonight and tomorrow to sign incoming kindergarten students up for library cards and to give them information on our Countdown to Kindergarten (C2K) program that runs during the SRP. The purpose of C2K is to get children excited about starting school and to give parents and children the information and the tools necessary to be ready for kindergarten.

Next week at the library:

  • We do have Toddler Time, Story Time & Afterschool Adventures
  • Tip Top Tweens Tuesday at Main at 4:30. This is a program for children ages 9-12.
  • Book Besties on Monday at 4:30. We pair young children with a reading mentor.
  • Drop-in crafts at South on Thursday from 4-5:30.
  • Parent Engagement Training on Saturday at 10:30 AM. Parents can go online and sign up for childcare for children ages 2 & up.



We've been (frantically) trying to finish prep for the seed library- behind once again to snow. Seed packets will be available to check out everywhere on the 16th (Monday, meaning I will deliver to the branches). We will have a small program at Main this Saturday, 10-noon, where people can check out seeds and plant a few.

I've also been getting together supplies and information for the Kindergarten Registration. It's happening at all the Elementary schools Thursday & Friday of this week. We will have library staff at all 9 locations to sign families up for library cards! Thanks to Vicki M., Graham, Mary M., Julie, Cheri, Shannon, Susan B., and Melinda for working these! And thanks to everyone who has been stuffing packets to give out.

Digital Media Lab materials have been coming in. More next week about that as we start setting it up.

The Character clash is going strong! Remember to encourage people to vote for their favorite characters.


Tech Services

Trying to dig out from the backlog that accumulated during the Kentucky Blizzard/s of 2015.

A reminder: when you need to move an On Demand book to the circulating collection, SEND IT TO TECH SERVICES! There is more involved than changing the holdings code. We promise to send it back asap. Thanks.

Thanks to Julie for doing the run this week in Paul's absence.

Vicki Niehaus

A Public Service Announcement - DYK you can add emergency contact info and medical info to your cell phone?

You can add emergency contact info and medical info (like blood type and organ donor status) to your iPhone for free, if you have the latest iOS.

Go to the Health app.

On the bottom menu bar, go to Medical ID.

Add your info.

Info can be accessed when phone is locked. Tap Emergency (bottom left corner under keypad) and then Medical ID.

Info is not shared in your Health Data or shared with any other apps.

Here is a link to instructions on how to add emergency contact info if you have a Windows phone:


Be well.

Vicki Niehaus

Can Spring Be Just Around the Corner?

Today is Board Meeting Day, and I came in late .

Things are starting to take on speed everywhere in the Library. I see volunteers working on the Seed Library, collections being weeded and moved; new materials coming in daily. Here in admin we’re still cleaning out records. I have begun on the budget and find myself involved with E-Rate proposals, governmental detail and a flurry of meetings with community groups. Thanks Trisha for helping with the E-Rate! The managerial staff here at the Library have taken on many of my responsibilities and have afforded me more time for Board projects. And the Summer Reading and Kids’ Tech Summit are just around the corner. Whew!

But this is the Library’s time to shine. Customer service is most important when our programming department gets rolling and more and more folks are coming in. It’s especially important that we can welcome patrons in with a smile even when our nerves are frazzled.

For now, know that spring and summer will bring many opportunities for all of us to exemplify the spirit of librarianship….service.


Network & IT notes

Well, it has been one of those weeks, but hey it is what I signed on for, (actually I do like it) and I have pretty big shoulders, even if the meany phone guy in Florida can't see me (OK that is my inner Junie B Jones coming out, inside children's librarian joke). But on the bright side, after all this time the cordless phones are back and working at main. The server hiccups on Monday morning, I blame on the time change, and whatever phone network issue that prevented us from making outgoing calls Tuesday night were not just restricted to us, but a lot of Louisville was affected (and not just Windstream customers), go figure. But I keep plugging along on the Windows 7 upgrades in between everything, so we are getting there.

Also in my spare time I have undertaken a beautification project of the server room so please do not take or put anything in there without my prior knowledge, somehow I get rid of a grocery bag of stuff only to go back in and find another, and usually it is of thing we can no longer use, so please let me know first.

I would also like to welcome our two new staff members, Elizabeth and Susan, I hope you find the library a warm, fun and welcoming place to spend some time each week. If you ever have a question just ask away, I'm around.