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Would you like to see your child's work in your inbox?

Our class now has a seesaw.me account. This app/service allows parents to see their child's work instantly. We sent home a handout with detailed instructions and a QR code to make sign-up easy and quick. So far, about half the class is registered. If you haven't yet, please take a moment to sign up. We have received a lot of positive feedback about this app and how wonderful it is to see your child's work as soon as they post it. The app also allows you to comment or like. Please let Mr. Hagen know if you have any questions. This is what the handout looks like that went home on Thursday:
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What have we been learning?

Reading- we wrapped up our study of characters with a project this week. Please click through the slideshow below to see your child's project. Their work was OUTSTANDING and the class put so much time and effort into their projects.

Writing- Students published one of their personal narratives digitally. You can see these on seesaw.me. We kicked off our study of poetry writing by looking at the world through poets' eyes. Students made a quick video showing how they see the world through poet's eyes...it's also on seesaw.me! Watch your child's video clip.

Math- We have gone deeper into our study of place value and problem solving. Students have continued to challenge themselves with more difficult muti-step word problems and efficient strategies for adding and subtracting larger numbers.

Science- Our class has explored how solids and liquids are similar and different. On Thursday, the class did an experiment to see what happens when you combine a liquid and a solid together. The class also set up an experiment that will run over the break: What happens to solids and liquids you leave out over time?

A message from the Student Support Teachers

To all parents of 2nd and 3rd grade students,

This year, we are working together with the classroom teachers to provide additional learning opportunities for students. This is a wonderful way for kids to work on various skills in small strategy groups. Your child might be receiving this small group support in reading, writing, and or math. These groups are very fluid and students will be able to move in and out of the group as needed. We are very excited about being able to give this extra support on A, C, and E days for 20-30 minutes. If you have any questions about these strategy groups please feel free to contact one of your grade level support teachers.

Thank you,

Meg Fisher – megf@isb.ac.th - 2nd grade

Karlie Barness – karlieb@isb.ac.th -2nd grade

Tammie Scherrer – tammies@isb.ac.th - 3rd grade

Jen Andre – jena@isb.ac.th - 3rd grade

Please post a picture of something fun your child does over October Break below

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Next week is International Week!

Next week is International Week!!! Please carefully read all communication from ISB about this amazing week. Many of you have already contacted our room mom's about bringing a snack and coming in to speak to the class. Remember that throughout International Week, students are encouraged to wear a t-shirt from any country they have visited. On Friday, we will celebrate all day with a whole-school assembly, parade and country visits in different classrooms. Also, students will wear clothes from their home country. This is a great day to visit. Please see the schedule below:

Enjoy the October holiday and I look forward to seeing the second graders, in their country t-shirts, on Monday!

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