come and learn the basics of war

Life in Sparta introduction

Sparta is a strong colony that was founded by the dorians which took it over

in the dark ages what also made us strong was the fact that we brought

iron weapons and thousands of men willing to die than surrender

mens life in sparta

Sparta is a place of hard work and sweat to ensure your child into becoming

young men we send them to the barracks at age 7 to toughen them up so

when there 20 they can start doing real training in the army at age 30

they can leave the army and start a family but there still apart of the army

at age 60 they can retire but still train just in case the army needs them

womens life in sparta

They can own land and sell land and make businesses but a female can only be tought

curtain things and can't join the army but they can play sports unlike athens

women have more respect and have way more rights

Spartas goverment

Sparta unlike other colonies still have a oligarchy with 2 kings that lead a council of elders

which consists of men 60 and up they present laws to the assembly but every spartan

man over ages of 30 and so on belonged to the assembly who voted on the council's laws

they also choose 5 tax payers every year but to keep any one from questioning the

way the spartans do there system was to banned travel but only soldiers

that are going to war can travel

Military and why it's important

a. We need enough men to dominate other land and protect our selves from attackers

b.The more land the more helots and the more men we need to make sure the helots won't rebel against us

Ending summary

Sparta is a grand city with a ready to go army

and a grand government so join us and

life in SPARTA!!!!!!!!!!