What to expect when expecting a tyranny

Checks and balances

Checks and balances is where each branch (legislative, Judicial, and Executive) have a job to "check" each other branch and keep then in order while doing their own job, to make sure that each branch does not have too much power

Split power between states and central government

There was power given to the states, central government , and there is power given to both. The power given to states is: they could set up local governments, hold elections, establish schools, pass marriages and divorce laws. Then the central government were: they could regulate trades, conduct foreign relations, provide an army and navy, declare war, print and coin money, set up post offices, make immigration laws. Both can: tax, borrow money, set up courts, make laws, and enforce laws.

Spread the power of each branch

Make sure that the power is not only given to one person. If the power is given to one person then that one person will do whatever they want, that is why we don't have a king or one specific person taking control of the country.