Genius Hour

Join us for Genius Hour every Thursday after school!

Get ahead of the game and be genius!

Come join us for genius hour where you are the creator, inventor, curator, and designer of your own project. YOU come up with the idea, YOU plan out your idea, YOU set it in ACTION! Watch your ideas become GENIUS!:)

Every Thursday from 3:45 to 4:45 pm!

This is THE place to be! You don't have to be a scientist, an artist, a musician, nor an athlete to BE a genius! You JUST have to be YOU! If you have ideas, if you want to be a creator, if you like to "shake things up", then YOU need to come to genius hour! Don't hesitate, INNOVATE!!!

Meet the Genius Staff:

Guaranteed to be exciting, energizing & fun!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I join Genius Hour?

Just come by room C-113 and sign up with Mrs. Obregon

Who is Genius Hour for?

Anyone who wants to have time and space to work on creative projects/collaboration whether personal or for school.

What kind of projects can we work on?

Any projects that you, the designer, has imagined and want to create. For example, videos, art, music, models, projects for science or history fairs, multi-media, dance, movies, short films, documentaries, news segments, newspaper, online journals, support for a cause, peer collaboration, solutions to real-world issues, etc. etc. THE SKY IS THE LIMIT!!!:)