Malala Yousafzai

The girl who fought for school

Malala's Story

July 12, 1997 was born. 2007 the Taliban influenced grows. 2008 girl's school are targeted. 2008 first public appearance. 2009 Malala blog as a different person is released. 2009 wants education. 2009 going public brings danger. 2011 global recognition. 2011 becomes a National Heroin. 2012 offering home solidarity. 2012 a legacy of learning. 2012 SHOT!!!!

Meet with Obama

This day was magical because not many people have this chance!!!!! :)

These are some pictures that mean a lot of me!!!!

Education rules!!!!

Get my book please!!!!!!!

It means a lot that people are buying and actuly reading my book!!!!!
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One child, teacher, pen, and book, can change the WORD!!!!

You gals and guys can do the the same!!!!!!!!


:) this so amazing!!!!!!!!

Fun Facts

I had an older sibling but was born stillborn (dead at birth) :(. My real name is Malalai or Malwand Yousafzai. And my best friend was shot with me :( but she survied as well :)