All Kinds Of Cats

All about cats


Cats are common but amazing species. There are many kinds of them, all unique in their own way. learn all about these mammals here!
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The Sphinx

The hairless cat is a very unusual feline. It is mainly called the sphinx, for it is mostly bald. This cat might seem completely bald, but it actually has super skin colored short fur. like peachskin! If you pet this cat, it would feel like the soft skin of a peach. this is a very nice choice if you wanted to get a cat.
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Tabby cat

a tabby cat is the normal most common house cat. The color is normally orange, but I am sure there are other colors. If you are a person who wants just a normal cat for outdoors or your household, the tabby is the one just for you!
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Himalayan Cat

The Himalayan cat is a long haired normally white cat. It's a very attractive feline, for it looks like a tiny snowball when it is a kitten. If you love fluffy, pretty, beautiful cats, the Himalayan is yours.
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The Calico

The calico cat is an orange, black and white cat with eyes normally the color amber. However, this breed is only female. there are no male calico cats. I find them very bizarre and lovely, but they are like any sweet cat with mix-colored fur.

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The Bengal

the Bengal cat is a very big cat. It has stripes and looks very wild. This cat is one of the things closest to a wild animal you can illegally have unless somehow you are allowed. a Bengal cat can get up to the size, say, stretch your arms away from each other as much as you can. That's just about it. believe me, these are very good pets if you like having bizarre creatures as companions.
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Catfish, wait, what! thats not a cat!

A catfish is not a cat but has the features of a whiskered cat. These weird cat things usually live in pet stores, swamps, marshes, reservoirs, lakes, maybe rivers! you can probably have these as pets but only the small type. catfishes can become almost the size of an average teenager! so anyway back to the real felines.
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i am da catfishy! ha ha!


There are many pets you can get but I say in my opinion that cats are one of the easiest, cuddliest, feistiest, most skilled ones of all. there are other cats besides the purebreds above, (except the catfish), called mixes, because those are the ones they breed different cats with different cats and get different cats. anyway, there are kittens and cats at adoption centers but people seem to only choose kittens. maybe you should choose an older one too so it doesn't half to be in a cage all its life! bye!
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Once your on yahoo, type in the search bar, cats.