Anecdote, Fact, Statistic

Leads and why they're important

A lead is the beginning to your paper, for an entertaining piece it draws your reader into the story; for an argumentative or informational piece however, it lets your reader know what you're writing about. Leads are so important because they begin your paper, let the reader know what you're writing about, and help the reader decide if your paper is worth reading. If your lead is bad then the reader may not be interested in your paper and most likely will not read it.

Anecdote Lead

An anecdote is a short an amusing story that has to do with your paper or essay.

Things That Make an Anecdote:

  • It has to be short
  • It should amusing
  • It has to connect to your topic

Fact Lead

An interesting or important fact that ties into or helps your paper.

Example: "Due to the lack of safety awareness in the mines, and all of Victorian labor for that matter, death was a constant and ever present danger" (Victorian Museum, 2014).


A lead that has to do with ratios, percentages, and numbers.

Example: According to "The Victorian Web" Around 1840 only 20% of children in the Victorian Era had any education.

More Information About Leads

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