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Wednesday, May 1st "C" Day

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Mark your Calendar

5/1 Benchmark Meetings

5/2 Trader Joe's Food Testing 11:00 am - 1:30 pm

5/2 3rd grade Field Trip 9:30 -2:30 pm

5/1-2 Staff Massage Therapy 10am -1:00 pm

5/3 KDG (19/20) Orientation 10 am/1pm

5/3 Salad Party At Lunch

5/3 MD Happy Hour 4-6 pm

5/6-10 MD staff Appreciation week

5/9 APE Field Day

5/10 BLT Meeting 8:30 am

5/10 Mother's Day Plant Giveaway

5/13 Child Study Day 8:30 -3:30

You are Invited.......

Maple Dale Staff Appreciation Breakfast

Sponsored by Maple Dale PTO

Monday , May 6th

8:00 am -8:55 am

Maple Dale Media Center

Yoga at Maple Dale

On Monday, April 29th we will start a new Wellness class. This time it's Aroma Yoga (see description below) and will be held in the GYM on Mondays at 4:15 P.M. It will run for 4 weeks and It would be completely subsidized by the wellness funds. May is a busy and sometimes stressful month. Allow yourself some relaxation and wellness time.

Please reply to Susan Murphy (substitute nurse) at murphys@sycamoreschools.org if you are interested in joining this class.

Aroma Yoga

Is a fun, creative, series of postures. Stimulating the senses with various essential oils and expanding the mind with contemplative spiritual themes while balancing our energy centers.

Including some hands on assists and good vibes.

Each class is appropriate for all levels, but may incorporate the many variations of Sun Salutations as well as restorative postures.

Student Birthdays

  • 5/1 Ruah Park
  • 5/4 Jack Rosen
  • 5/4 Joshua Dineen

Staff Birthdays

  • 5/3 Micki Bates
  • 5/4 Sienna Stroud

Guest Flight Crew

  • Susan Murphy- Julie Muskal
  • Martha Philpott - Ex Teacher
  • Sandra Thompson - Ex Teacher
  • Lori Bregger - Ex Teacher
  • Emily Lemmons - Ex Teacher
  • Cortney Herrera - Ex Teacher
  • Teresa Deutsch(AM) Lauren Hoeltje (PM) - Mandi Taylor
  • Erika Brown - Debbie Emrick
  • Megan Chowning - Ex EA
  • Megan Sennett - Ex EA
  • Shereen Jamus - Ex EA
  • Gabe Davis - Julie Willis (PM)
  • Shelley Arnold - Cara Frost

Out of the Building

  • Melanie Howard
  • Allison Campbell