By: Jenna Jeffery

The shape of the zika virus is circular. The zika virus is also known as ZIKV. It is spread through mosquitoes. Anyone is at risk for getting the virus, but pregnant women and babies are at the most risk for getting the virus.

The zika virus is most likely to be found in the mosquitoes that carry the virus. For babies it affects the size of their head which gets smaller if the virus is spread to them. For pregnant women it causes birth defects to their baby. Some patients develop paralysis. I rate the zika virus a 10 out of 10 for the danger it causes, because it can cause severe birth defects, and can cause some patients to become paralyzed. There are 52 travel associated cases in the U.S. There are no vaccines for the virus. The zika virus is lysogenic. THE REWARD AMOUNT IS $1,000,000