By: Karsen Barnett

Microwaves can be used to.....

  1. Communicate with satellites in orbit
  2. Find weather issues using radar
  3. Study the universe
  4. Or even to cook popcorn
Electromagnetic Spectrum: Microwaves
In the video above you will learn about what a microwave is, how they are used, and what they can do.

Microwave Tomograph

The Microwave Tomograph is a new form of radiation therapy for cancer. It uses 30 antennas that act as both transmitters and receivers. As says, "The antennas transmit microwaves with high efficiency, perfectly synchronised to heat up individual tumours. The process can be likened to creating a tidal wave in the region of the tumour while the surrounding sea remains calm." In other words, the microwaves send out heat blasts that are focused on the tumor cells and individually fight these cells keeping the rest of the cells alive. Leaving the good cells alive while the bad cells are burned up. As well as kill cells the antennae do one more job. They can receive signals given off by the radiation to actually find the malignant tissue. The antennae are some of the most important parts of the microwave tomograph.


In the creation of the Microwave Tomograph many different materials are involved. First is the ring or the helmet. The ring acts as a containment unit t make sure that the microwave radiation does not escape. Next is the antennae the antennae serve as a pathway for the radiation to travel along. After that is the computer, the computer acts as the control center so to speak. From the computer you can see what is happening and you control the radiation. Lastly is the chair, now you may think it i unimportant but research proves otherwise. Could you sleep upright?

Who, When, Its Impact and What is it made of ?

1. This technology was introduced to the world in 2011 by the Chalmers Team.

2. This technology has impacted our society by giving us a new alternative to regular cancer treatments that are often quite deadly. Now there is a much slimmer chance of death or injury and a much higher chance of success and healing.

3. This technological advancement's make up has not yet been documented, but we do know that the Chalmers Team's Invention uses about 0.5-3GHz of power to generate the results they need.