Need a sitter? Contact BCS Sitters!

Connecting Bryan/College Station Families with Local Sitters

Join BCS Sitters to find your next babysitter, house sitter, pet sitter, or errand runner!

Do you have small children and need a date night?

Need someone to take care of your home or pets while you're away?

Too many errands and not enough time?

Don't have the time, energy, or resources to find help?

Let BCS Sitters do the work for you and connect you to some great local sitters!

We personally interview each sitter, perform background checks, and contact sitters' references. All sitters have also been trained in CPR and First Aid.

We'd love to help connect your family with our sitters! Visit for more information and to submit an interest form.

By the way, BCS Sitters gift certificates make great Mother's Day gifts!!

BCS Sitters connects you to local sitters!