Chinese Inventions: The Kite

Mrityunjay and Megan

The Journey

Kites may date back as far as 3000 years, where they were made from bamboo and silk in China.Kites used in 1232 A.D. flew messages over Mongol lines. Large kites were used to carry warriors armed with bows and arrows that would fire down on the enemy.Kites fitted with hooks and bait were used for fishing, and kites with strings and whistles made musical sounds while flying.


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The Chinese built many colorful kites for fun and they were widely used in religious ceremonies. More sophisticated kites were used to test weather conditions. As a forerunner to balloons and gliders they were important to the advancement of controlled flight.


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The effect of the Chinese Kites

The kites revolutionised the whole world by giving them new ideas about how and in what shape things can be flown. They are used in many rituals nowadays and also for recreation. Also, because of the kites, messages became easy to send to other people. It also helped people to measure distance, check the wind, signal during wars, and communicate. It gives us lots of knowledge in the past.